A walk down 6th ave from 42nd street to 14th street.

On the beaten path.

With less than 24 hours in Iceland due to a flight cancellation, my ability to do any planning ahead of time to locate a dormant volcano somewhere in Friðland að fjalllabaki park was compromised. I rented what I thought would be a proper off-road vehicle, and with nothing but coordinates I found buried on some ancient online message board, and a pixelated screen shot of google maps on my iPhone, I set off driving aimlessly onto dirt roads into central Iceland with the off chance that I would somehow stumble upon it.. Luckily, somehow I did.

There’s no better feeling.


The Faroe Islands are a maritime subarctic archipelago located in-between Iceland and Norway with a population nearing 50,000 humans and 70,000 sheep. I spent 4 days exploring it by car.

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Shot entirely under the influence of Cognac, and 2 years in the making, my Bushwick series “Stanhope” was printed as a limited run of 150 copies by Cafe Royal Books. 

Five months ago I began the process of updating my website, my initial thoughts were it would be ready to go in a month max. Now finally after rescanning endless amounts of film, flipping through journals, finding gems within a mountain of old work, and driving myself completely bat shit crazy I am proud to present my updated website.  Everything is new including old journals and how they are presented, along with the photographs that accompany them.

A lot of amazing memories and unbelievable adventures have been made over the years, looking it all over I feel extremely blessed. Enjoy and thank you everyone!

www.zvereff.com - Journals!

www.zvereff.com/studies - Photo Stories! 

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