Now that we find ourselves at the start of summer I found it appropriate to publish some unseen photos from my “Negative 34” series based in Harbin, China.

Harbin is the tenth most populated city in China. Its location above the 45° northern latitude results in bitterly cold and long winters. I traveled to Harbin in January, when the city was experiencing its coldest winter in 43 years. Temperatures in the day dropped below -34C, and I was seriously unprepared. This experience completely transformed the meaning of the word “cold” to me: With every breathe I took, the hairs in my nose would freeze and stab me from the inside and then defrost upon exhaling. Life here requires 24-hour maintenance to keep the city moving — everything freezes, and cars barely run. There’s a constant and tireless mindset of maintenance and preparation that keeps this part of the world from being completely enveloped and lost in the winter. Although many people visit Harbin for its stunning yearly ice festival, I found the daily life to be much more spectacular.

For the rest of the series click here.

My original Harbin series “Negative 34” can also be seen here.

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